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Simple lessons

You don’t need to be a musical genius to learn to play the violin. The EVA Violin Course consists of easy lessons that work with the body’s natural movements to teach correct technique from the very beginning.

Efficient practice

While it’s important to practice often, the more important detail is how you practice. The EVA Violin Course gives you guided, assisted practice sessions that cover every detail of recent lessons – quickly and effectively. Just 10-15 minutes a day is required, and our students can quickly achieve a level of control that many other students fail to reach.

Help is always at hand

At some stage, you’re almost guaranteed to get stuck on a technique that just won’t gel. Our popular ‘Quick Fix’ Skype lessons give you targeted assistance to help you over any roadblock.

Learn anywhere, any time

We provide lots of options to give you the flexible learning schedule that you need. Be in the same room as your teacher, or half a world away. Learn in real time or utilise videos and books at 2am. Whatever you need, we have the tools to help you achieve your musical goals.

What our clients are saying

Both my kids go to the academy and they have so much fun, Max has been a great teacher for them. My daughter is working toward her grade 2 AMEB certification.

I would recommend him to anybody that wants to learn, even a tone deaf metalhead like me.

Brett, Western Sydney