EVA and You

How can we best help you to learn to play the violin? One of our key beliefs is that music lessons are for everyone. Age, experience, location, disability… none of these things should stop anyone from experiencing the joy of creating music. When putting together the EVA Violin Course, we worked hard to create a range of learning options, tailored to meet the needs of people in all sorts of situations.

EVA at the Academy

We offer traditional individual and group music lessons on-site at our Academy in Parramatta. We’re open to people of all ages and abilities. Classes vary from music theory to violin technique and ensemble work.

EVA Video

For true 24/7 accessibility, you can’t go past EVA’s online program. It consists of streamed video modules and a course handbook (paper or electronic versions available). You can learn the violin whenever and wherever it suits you to learn.

EVA Skype

Take lessons with highly-skilled and qualified violin instructors. All you need is a quiet room, a computer with a webcam and microphone attached, and an internet connection. Talk to your teacher and learn in real time over the internet.

EVA Groups

Bring EVA to your school, community group, or home! All you need is a venue, and a few keen people to join in. Our qualified instructors can provide group classes in your venue, with easy-access instrument fitting and rental services.