EVA Violin Course

The EVA Violin Course is a completely new and exciting method of music learning. Equally perfect for individual or group learning, and suitable for all ages and any skill level, it is both an introduction to violin and a complete course of instruction. It is also perfect for online learning.

Short but effective lessons

Every book in our course is accompanied by a video support module, which can be easily accessed through your user account.

Each lesson is designed to be achieved within a week of no more than 10-15 minutes daily practice. But if you find a particular lesson challenging, want a slower pace or even faster pace, then by all means. Rest assured that in making use of our practice system you’re letting nothing fall by the wayside. You know you have made progress when you can accurately play along with all the elements on the screen with ease.

You never stop engaging with and developing control over all the crucial elements: bow speed, bow weight, position of the bow on the string etc. It’s highly concentrated, but the best thing is you’ll never know – it’s that much fun! Parents will also find it easy to assist and have a great time helping and supporting their children.

Help over the obstacles

Feeling stuck or confused is part of any learning process, and a method – like a teacher – must offer some practical support or way out.

Every user of video support modules, whether they learn online, through a school, community group or at the academy itself, has access to our popular ‘Quick-Fix’ Skype-support lessons. So if you ever get stuck or feel confused, or maybe feel like some motivation and support, help is only a few mouse-clicks away with discounted lessons. You can choose from among our friendly and qualified teachers trained in the system, and book your lesson at a time that suits you from the comfort and convenience of your own home, and in your own language.

Guided practice

Not only will you receive video instruction, explaining how to play each piece, but you will also be assisted with practice.

Every teacher and musician knows that practice is the most crucial factor in success or failure. For growing passion or waning enthusiasm. It has always been the aspect hardest to reach, and more often than not a wholly neglected aspect of leaning systems. We have sought a solution for practice that gives you the best chance for success.

Using simply the natural weight of the bow, our system guides and assists your practice, leaving as little to chance as possible, ensuring not only that you cover everything, but do so as effectively and efficiently as possible. The result: our students can achieve the sort of control over the violin that usually takes people who practice poorly much longer, if at all.

The EVA Violin Course is unlike any other musical education system out there: uniquely designed to give attendees all the advantages of the founder’s experience, so that we can educate the widest number of musicians in the most cost-effective way!

Our program offers options for everyone, so please take a look over our website to find out all there is to learning violin the ‘Elite’ way.